Orlando HOA, Condo Law, and Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Peter R. McGrath, P.A., offers unique legal services relating to real estate, the buying and selling of real estate, and disputes concerning real estate and property rights

We represent individuals facing foreclosure and can provide the full range of services relating to such representation - from bank settlements involving short sales or deeds in lieu of foreclosure to aggressively defending such actions before the court and in trial. In addition, we assist homeowners and businesses dealing with construction defects, boundary and easement disputes, contract disputes, disputes with homeowner and condominium associations, land use and title issues. We also represent commercial and residential landlords, and tenants.

The decision to hire an attorney is often difficult and requires decisive action. Please Email or call 407-872-7010 to speak with an experienced attorney.

Peter R. McGrath also performs the full range of representation for its community association clients

Our attorneys actively represent condominium and homeowner associations, individual owners, and developers. Based on our experience, this broad range of representation offers a unique perspective and enables our law firm to anticipate defenses and positions which might be raised by opposing parties in any negotiation, litigation, trial or other legal matter. This background enables the law firm to prevent controversies from escalating and reduces risk for our association and corporate clients.

Peter R. McGrath handles nearly all aspects of community association representation

The firm is not limited to offering "transactional" representation or "litigation" representation. Our experience in negotiating and drafting legal documents (such as contracts, covenants and restrictions) is key to avoiding litigation. Conversely, when a problem does arise, this firm is well suited to litigate aggressively - and cost effectively - and can provide invaluable insight into how problems may be avoided in the future.

As such, while Peter R. McGrath, P.A., does represent associations, it has and continues to represent other types of clients, including individual owners with disputes with their condominium or homeowner association. Such representation sharpens our skills and enhances the level of service to our clients.

For legal represenation in buying or selling a home, the litigation of a zoning, construction or any real estate matter, or if you are working with or are a representative of an HOA or Condo Association, make the best decison - call 407-872-7010 or email Peter R. McGrath today.